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anette prehn

Create Reframing Mindsets

What is the core leadership virtue for leaders faced with constantly changing environments, complex decision-making processes and cross-pressure coming from within their organisation?

The ability to nurture cognitively flexible and self-regulating individuals and teams!

The capability to reframe (i.e. reinterpret) a situation, a product, a mental model, or an organisation is crucial to success – yet the down-to-earth paths towards such transformations of meaning are scarcely understood. Continue reading

Framestorm your way to excellence

Three months ago, I coached a care home manager. She complained about the high sickness absence among her employees: “Every morning we are disappointed. We try to keep spirits up – and create a good day despite the absences – but it is difficult.”

Such energy-draining scenarios are well-known in most organisations. Unmet expectations lead to frustration and demotivation. Continue reading